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Rmb To Leave Your Name @ Fan-Base Page !


1) Do note that this is ye eun fansite so you should know I will post more stuffs/rares of ye eun than other wonder girls’s member. But I will also keep updates of wonder girls (important news) other minor news, you can find from other wordpress )

2) Strictly NO Copying Or Stealing of Ideas/Designs From Ye Eun-Impact, what I do and post here is all my efforts and love for Ye Eun & Wonder Girls.

Please Always refer to our twitter for latest info about ye eun-impact  ; ye eun ; wonder girls ; ye eun-impact’s staffs.

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12 Responses so far.

  1. wongen says:

    i will be watching tyhis site :) thanks K-Holic,.

  2. Kimmiemai says:

    Hey! Thanks for the invitation. I’ve been sneaking around in here awhile already. :) Nice blog! Keep it up!

  3. sumra7 says:

    thanks for your hard worl!! :)
    i love this site!

  4. soin says:

    thanks for created this is very fantastic,u r up date a lot of thing that i wonder,it fresh and new too.^^

  5. K-Holic says:

    to soin:

    uh, thank you so much.

    will continue to work hard and give you guys latest wonder girls and ye eun’s stuffs >.<

    and rmb to leave this kind of comment on the comment page, not announcement board ya.

  6. wongen says:

    will watch out for your updates..and do well in school like ye eun :)

  7. Bonnie says:

    haha I love that new picture there. I was going to do something similar too but you beat me to it.

  8. K-Holic says:

    hehe, thanks!

    i look forward to what u gonna submit to me ^^

  9. Nessy says:

    Hi ! I’m french and i’m a big fan of YeEun !
    I want create a forum just for her and for yeeun addcits like you and me.
    Do you want participate ? =)
    Contact me please ^^

  10. stereophreak says:

    I LOVEEEEEE the new pic, Ye Eun will definitely have such a big poster in future!!!!

  11. cookievr6 says:

    haha on the advert boards of NYC – will be PARK YE EUN!! YE EUN shi FIGHTING!

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