Event: Drawing Contest Who You Should Draw?: PARK YEEUN of course! ^^ Size: Minimum A4 size paper (would be good if you could use a better quality/thicker paper to draw) Type: Hand-drawn / Computer-drawn Hand-drawn: Original copies that are mailed to us will be given to YeEun personally! Therefore, you should do your ultimate best to draw as beautiful as possible as YeEun will be keeping your drawings! (Btw, YeEun [...]

In addition to what we have already planned to do for Yenny’s birthday this year, we are also doing a collaboration for this project to hold a contest for fans of  Queen Yenny. And the “winners” will get a special prize! Let us emphasize “winners”! hahahaha! More than 1! But won’t tell you guys how many yet! Winners will be revealed on 26th May 2013 (Our Queenie’s birthday ^^) BE CREATIVE [...]

PRESS the “SHARE & LIKE” Button On Facebook NOW! *Click on picture for Facebook post!* MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE “SHARE WITH PUBLIC” otherwise we won’t be able to see that you have shared! Thank You! Click to see how to share post: http://t.co/arAyp9Xg Winner will be announced after March 4! Bring SMILES to children in need by donating! Receive SMILE YENNY T-shirts in 8 different colors! http://yeeun-impact.net/blog/charity Buy your 2012 [...]

On Saturday, 3rd September, we held another contest on our Facebook Fan-page! The Question was: “If you could spend a day with WONDER GIRLS’ Park YeEun (Yenny), what would you do? ^^” We had 21 fans who took part in the contest! This time round, the comment with the highest number of “LIKES’ wins a YEI wristband! And……………. We have a winner whose comment has a total number of 61 “LIKES”!!! YEAY!! [...]

On Friday, 19th August, we held a contest on our Facebook Fan-page! The Question was: “What do you love about WONDER GIRLS’ Park YeEun (Yenny)? ^^” We had 27 fans who took part in the contest! We had a really really tough decision picking just 2 winners, so……………. We decided to choose 4 WINNERS!!! YEAY!! ^^ Continue reading to see the WINNERS chosen!!