Event: Drawing Contest Who You Should Draw?: PARK YEEUN of course! ^^ Size: Minimum A4 size paper (would be good if you could use a better quality/thicker paper to draw) Type: Hand-drawn / Computer-drawn Hand-drawn: Original copies that are mailed to us will be given to YeEun personally! Therefore, you should do your ultimate best to draw as beautiful as possible as YeEun will be keeping your drawings! (Btw, YeEun [...]

Sharing a cute fan artwork of our beloved Ha:tfelt!! Please take out with credits to [YeEun-Impact.net]  

Park YeEun <333 Such a beautiful fanmade DVD T.T [All credit to 포리 + Kwfs @ WGW]

Nice Nice!! A Fan-art done by Mewkiiz! <3 This is Queen Yenny during her High Cut Magazine Phootshoot~ *Click on image for FULL size* [Credit: Mewkiiz]

A Fan-Art Of Queen Yenny in Dalian, China A very talented WonderFul, Mewkiiz drew this~ Lovin’ it! ^^ *Click on image for FULL size* [Credit: Mewkiiz]

Today, Wonder Girls’ manager, Jane, uploaded a photo of YeEun. It was taken in Greece! Jane uploaded some photos that she felt that must be shared… Isn’t Queen Yenny so beautiful? ^^ janeyjk: “A picture that must be shared no.5″ Read more to see the edited pictures! Share with us which of the following 4 edited images, you prefer?

This fan-art is awesome!! Love it sooooo much! What do you guys think about this piece of artwork? *Click on image for FULL size* [Credit: mewkiiz]

This drawing was done by a fan ^^ It’s a drawing of Queen Yenny and the piano cake that we sent to her on her birthday. Such a beautiful piece of art-work! It was shared with us on twitter~ WELL DONE MEWKIIZ!! LOVE IT!! ^^ *Click on image for FULL size!* [Credit: mewkiiz at twitter]