“Many thanks to Donghyun for submitting his fan-account”     핫펠트 갤러리 (Ha:tfelt Gallery) – So the gallery, as you walk in the door you are greeted by nice staff who tell you to write down your name and cell number and the to give them your ID (or cell if have no ID) in exchange for an ipad. Then they tell you that on the ipad are songs and [...]

another fan-account by Reesa! Thank you so much for sharing! Fan-Account By Reesa Friday, July 11th, 2014: BEST DAY EVER!! It all started earlier on that week. I was chatting online with my friend Alex (who already posted on here as well) when I came across a post on Facebook that I knew he would really enjoy, Koreaboo reposted an AllKpop and KpopStarz article stating that Yenny was going to be [...]

a fan-account by Kristen! Thank you so much for sharing Kristen! Fan-Account By Kristen So I attend school in Austin, but I’d already planned a month in advance to visit the Dallas area to see my boyfriend for the weekend. As such, it was quite convenient for me to be in the area when Yeeun was to also be here. And since the two of us didn’t have very much planned [...]

a very long fan-account by Alex! Thank you so much for sharing Alex! Fan-Account By Alex We were at the game early and were looking around for where she may be doing a signing like they said. We found out where all the Korean association people had set up and they said she would be coming by there at 530. We wait around and she eventually comes through the gate and walks [...]