Guys!! Everyone needs to help in this poll!! The poll will close on 10th August! [2014-08-05 00:00~2014-08-10 23:59] ONLY 3 VOTES DAILY PER ID! So you can vote up until 3 times PER DAY! and you will see this appearing: it says: you have used up all your votes for the day **those who has many email accounts, you can sign up with different IDs and create as many accounts as [...]

Wooooo~~ Congratulations Queen Yenny! She received a very high percentage of 67% of the votes! (72,731 people) Queen Yenny would definitely be an amazing and outstanding producer in future! kekekeke! Looking at all the awesome songs (WonderFul, Saying I Love You, SMILE, G.N.O, Me,in, Hello To Myself, R.E.A.L, Girlfriend, Stay Together), she wrote and composed so far for Wonder Girls and fans~~ <333 GO GO YENNY! ^^

Arirang TV Entertainment ranked the Top 10 stars that would be perfect as poets! And yes! Our Queen Yenny is in the top 10! YEAY!

Hey guys! We have opened a poll for you guys to vote your favorite YeEun’s 22nd birthday fan-made video! The poll will last from 5 June – 11 June! ^^ After which the winning vote will receive a YEI wristband + 5 YEI postcards from us!! YEAY!! ^^ Please watch the 8 fan-made videos before voting!! (Click on read more to watch the 8 videos ) Please vote ONCE only!!

The poll finally ended! and our Queen won! YAY! Thank You all for voting!

DON’T STOP VOTING! Current position: 1 2 (help vote Yenny to become No.1) Come on everyone! Help VOTE Yenny to become Ms Twitter! Link: (Look for wgyenny) *Show the Ye Eun-Impact!*

At 10:00 GMT Wednesday 3rd June the top 100 will be separated from the main pool an entered into an elite Ms Twitterworld competition. The Elite Competition will run for ONLY 48 hours when the winner and top twenty runners up will be immortalised for eternity in the ‘Tweeterwall of fame’. So, if you want to be in the top 100, get voting now! VOTE YENNY! (She got into the [...]

Since it is new year today,I had just collected some pictures of ye eun in hanbok and made it into a collection… (Total of 7 pictures+2 combined collage) ye eun looks super sweet and cute in hanbok!