As always~ Our Korean WonderFuls have always been supporting each and every Wonder Girl in their comebacks, etc.! As we all know, Queen Yenny is making her comeback as a solo singer! Hence, they require donations as support for this project to be successful! Please do help out if you can Thank You ALL! ————————————————————– Hello International WonderFuls, We are WonderGirls’ official fanclub representatives. For a period of time, the [...]

 It’s time to prepare our Queenie’s 25th birthday! Project: “Post-it” Your Encouragements This year we wish to collect pictures of our Queen’s SMILES and your birthday messages to her.  But we can’t make it happen without your participation! Your messages/encouragements will be written on a “Post-it” along with her SMILE and we will paste them all on a large board or card~ You may choose to upload the picture through [...]

Just to check how many would like to have the SMILE YENNY T-shirts~ Hello~ Some have came up to us to ask if we still produce the SMILE YENNY t-shirts. Actually it was a one-off thing that we did for YeEun’s birthday charity project last year, hence we didn’t intend to re-produce it again. However, as some of them really wanted the shirt so we decided to check if any [...]

Please participate! It’s simple and easy! Let’s collect as many different kinds of stamps from various countries! STAMPS GALORE for our Queenie’s 24th Birthday Project! It’s very easy and everyone can participate! We will be preparing a customized music lyrics book cover filled with HAPPY BIRTHDAY’s and different country’s postage stamps. Here’s how you can help to make it happen: - Write the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in your country’s language - You may [...]

Hey guys! We have decided to take in suggestions from everyone on what you all would think would be best to do or give for Queen Yenny’s 24th birthday this coming May! Please leave a comment below this post if you have any PROJECT ideas? GIFT ideas? ETC. Thank you! ^^ Go Go Go!! You can suggest as many as possible! The more the better! kekekeke

There’s no deadline to this order! Do not hesitate to get one Queen Yenny LED light board for yourself It’s really light and easy to carry around! Honestly, it is a very beautiful board and you will definitely love it! Start saving today and contact us once you are able to get one! ^^ Feel The YeEun-Impact! We ship worldwide! You will NEVER regret getting this kekeke! Leave a comment [...]

Around the beginning of 2012, we started our ” A SMILE FOR A SMILE” Charity Project. For donations made, we send the donors “SMILE YENNY” t-shirts which were available in 8 different colors. All profits from our project are directed to our donations to Angels’ Haven on behalf of our dearest Queen Yenny! We donated a total of 1,989,526 won to Angels’ Haven. We decided on that figure as it [...]

PRESS the “SHARE & LIKE” Button On Facebook NOW! *Click on picture for Facebook post!* MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE “SHARE WITH PUBLIC” otherwise we won’t be able to see that you have shared! Thank You! Click to see how to share post: Winner will be announced after March 4! Bring SMILES to children in need by donating! Receive SMILE YENNY T-shirts in 8 different colors! Buy your 2012 [...]