[Star cast] “Isn’t it still so hot~?” … Sun-mi • Ye-eun, Dosan Park Runway Here, the terrible ‘jean-on-jean’ fashion that is more feared than the ‘tiger’s wrath & infectious diseases’ [derived from Korean folklore] has emerged. It is the fashion that even a relative fashionista has a hard time making it work. Even the ‘face completes fashion (fcf)’ formula is put to shame in front of jean-on-jean. The terrible jean-on-jean, [...]

Some of you guys may have found this piece of clothing that YeEun is wearing familiar She wore this during the MBC Press Conference in Thailand This is sponsored by Alice In Bar.

It was posted on our facebook page before but I  believed not all have seen it so I shall post here.

lifted from eiffelinseoul.blogspot.com On May 29′s episode of MBC‘s Music Core, the Wonder Girls performed their latest single, 2 Different Tears.

lifted from eiffelinseoul.blogspot.com

??? ??? ???? (Ye-eun and Chae Lim’s Denim Shirts)

some unseen wonder girls’s sponsor pics hmm some u guys may have seen it before. i will start with ye eun first ^^

WOO,NEW PHOTOS~ real size: CREDIT: ONI+lamia@soompi+yeeun-impact.net