Wonder Girls, four member group of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi, Hyelim, finished shooting their music video. The four member group Wonder Girls are making their comeback without Sun-ye. They have finished shooting their music video. Wonder Girls agent reported that on 24th, group of four without Sun-ye will be making their comeback as Wonder Girls. They have finished shooting their music video and was initially planning to make a sneak [...]

[Exclusive] Today (24th), Wonder Girls has finished their music video shooting…..coming back as 4 members group On 24th, an official of the music industry reported on Star News that Wonder Girls are making their comeback with a group of 4 members consisting of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyelim. It was reported that the Wonder Girls have finished their music videoshoot today somewhere near Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. Previously, on the 23rd [...]

Park Jinyoung talks about Wonder Girls’ come back : “Transition from an idol to an artist should be first” Recently there’s Wonder Girls comeback rumors again. There were more specific plans that Sunmi will be rejoining and they’re having the music video schedule soon. Regarding this rumor, JYP Entertainment gives only basic answers like “There’s nothing decided, and we are under discussion.” But Wonder Girls are definitely preparing for come [...]

Nicole was asked a question from a fan on who, in kpop, other than someone from her own company, would she like to do a collaboration with? Nicole said: “I personally really like YeEun sunbaenim and her album this year. And I listened to all her songs. So I think I would like an opportunity to maybe work with her, one day? ^^” Then she said, “Yes, sunbaenim (senior) saranghamnida!” [...]

HA:TFELT is nominated for  “Popularity Award” and “Hallyu  Special Awards” in The 24th Seoul Music Awards. The 24th Seoul Music Awards will be held on January 22, 2015 at 7pm KST. Here are the criterias for the awards: Popularity Award (Votes count for 100%) Hallyu Special Award (Votes count for 50%) Voting Period: November 27, 2014 to January 20,2015 You can vote 10 times a day. You can download the app here (Android only) You must download the app [...]

Queen Yenny was so beautiful in the first episode of SBS <KPOP Star>! Love her SMILE so much! Here are some caps, GIFs and the video cut of YeEun in KPOP Star Season 4 Ep 1 [Credit: YeEun-Impact.net]

Love it Love it! Queen Yenny performed “Nobody” as well as “Be My Baby” which was performed together with 15& and Sunmi. She sang so well~!! Nobody: Be My Baby: Others: [Photos Credit: wgworldcafe + wondeokstation + jaemin9212 + various YT channels]

Event: Drawing Contest Who You Should Draw?: PARK YEEUN of course! ^^ Size: Minimum A4 size paper (would be good if you could use a better quality/thicker paper to draw) Type: Hand-drawn / Computer-drawn Hand-drawn: Original copies that are mailed to us will be given to YeEun personally! Therefore, you should do your ultimate best to draw as beautiful as possible as YeEun will be keeping your drawings! (Btw, YeEun [...]