Just to check how many would like to have the SMILE YENNY T-shirts~

Hello~ Some have came up to us to ask if we still produce the SMILE YENNY t-shirts.

Actually it was a one-off thing that we did for YeEun’s birthday charity project last year, hence we didn’t intend to re-produce it again.

However, as some of them really wanted the shirt so we decided to check if any others want it too before we decide to produce the shirts.

Those who missed the chance last year, here’s a chance to own one hopefully~

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in getting the shirt or thinking of getting one.

ALL PROFITS WILL GO TO CHARITY! As it’s the initial purpose of the SMILE YENNY shirts.

Leave a comment on the number of shirt(s) you want as well as the color(s) ~

We probably will need a minimum order of 10 Pieces to be able to produce the shirts again.

*Confirmation emails regarding the shirt sizes etc. will be emailed to you only after the decision to produce the shirts is confirmed thank you*


This is the approximate amount based on last year~ it includes shipment fees.

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  1. Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

    Leave a comment with the number of shirts you would like to have and the colors of the shirts you want~

    It’s not confirmed that we are making yet unless we can reach 10 shirts :)

    • Iliana says:

      Hello YeEun-Impact!

      I’m Iliana, from Mexico ^^

      I asked you about the t-shirts on twitter and here I am!

      My friend and I are interested on getting these t-shirts, I also asked another friend if she wanted to join but I haven’t received her answer yet so, till this point, it’s only 2 t-shirts :)

      Here are my questions:

      - When do we have to transfer money?
      - As it’s written, shipment fees are included right?
      - I read it but… do I have to tell you what colors we want NOW? > <
      - We don't have paypal account but a friend of us let us use hers, is it ok?
      - The cost is in american dollars, right?

      Well, I guess those are all my question ^^
      Thank you and have a nice day~~~

      • Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

        Hi Illiana!

        So glad that you and your friends are supporting!

        This shirts are for charity, so when you donate the amount, we will give you the shirt(s) :)

        Yes, the prices are in USD and you can use your friend’s PayPal to transfer us the money as well ^^ You will only transfer the money after we sent you a confirmation email regarding the donations. But we have not confirmed the decision on producing the shirts yet until we reach 10 shirts :)

        Just let us know again if your friend wants to donate too~ We will need to reach a minimum of 10 shirts in total to produce the SMILE YENNY shirts again.

        Thank you and have a nice day too!

        Feel the YeEun-Impact! ;)

      • Jannet says:

        Hi Iliana! Soy de México también y quisiera pedir una camiseta, me puedo unir a ustedes? :D

  2. szemin0829 says:

    I want one SMILE YENNY t-shirt. PURPLE color. :)

  3. Chayan says:

    1 black shirt m/l

  4. Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

    Keep your comments coming! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions! We will get back to you shortly :) You can choose to email us at yeparkies@gmail.com directly, tweet us at @YeEun_Impact or PM us on facebook! :)

  5. pemie says:

    I want 6 shirts,2 purples,2 yellows,2 blacks.(Thailand)

  6. Ruben says:

    when is the deadline i would like one but i wont have money for awhile :(

  7. Danielle says:

    Hello, I’m from Malaysia. I want 1shirt- Blue/M. I don’t have paypal though, is it still possible if I want to purchase one?

    • cookievr6 says:


      We do accept Western Union; however, the transaction fees are very high compared to PayPal. Maybe ask your friends to see if they have PayPal and can help you transfer? We are closing orders by end May; hence, you still have a little time to maybe ask your friends. Thank you for your interests in the SMILE YENNY tshirt :)

  8. pemie says:

    [edit] I want 8 shirts,2 light greens,2 yellows,2 purples and 2 oranges. :)

  9. Isa says:

    I want one t-shirt, purple! just one question, i can buy the calendar separate? because i can’t buy 8 t-shirts! ):

    • Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

      Hi my dear :)

      Thank you so much for supporting!
      Sorry to let you know that the info shown above was based on last year (2012).

      We are re-producing the SMILE YENNY shirts again for those who missed their chance last year.

      For the calendar, it was only for last year… We do not have a calendar for this year :(

  10. Elaine says:

    I want another one! The first one was too big,, :) I didn’t listen to your warning :p

  11. Jim says:

    $100 for 5(L). Thank you.

    Feel the YeEun-Impact.


  12. Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

    Two for Sal – Blue & Yellow

  13. Lena says:

    2 – purple&sapphire

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