Wooooo~~ Congratulations Queen Yenny! She received a very high percentage of 67% of the votes! (72,731 people) Queen Yenny would definitely be an amazing and outstanding producer in future! kekekeke! Looking at all the awesome songs (WonderFul, Saying I Love You, SMILE, G.N.O, Me,in, Hello To Myself, R.E.A.L, Girlfriend, Stay Together), she wrote and composed so far for Wonder Girls and fans~~ <333 GO GO YENNY! ^^

This isn’t the first time such things have been reported. “What does Big Bang DaeSung’s sentence mean in the following?” (Off year 1 mid years paper of A middle school) “I saw Gu Junpyo with my own eyes yesterday” (Off year 1 mid years paper of B middle school) How creative can Korean teachers get?

Forbes Korea released the results of ‘Korea Power Celebrities’ on 25th February in commemoration of their 6th anniversary. ‘Korea Power Celebrities’ selects 40 individuals/groups from the fields of acting, singing, CF modelling, sports etc looking at their popularity, income and influence etc. And group Big Bang and WonderGirls are #2 and #3 on the chart respectively.

Big Bang’s Book, Wonder Girls’ Concert Tickets – Moms & Dads are Buying a Lot By NewsWire (Korea Press Release Network) (Seoul=NewsWire) 2009 February 11 – Parents in their late-30s and 40s with elementary, junior high, and high school aged children have been found to be the most active consumers of music albums, books, and concert tickets featuring their children’s favorite singers. An analysis of buyer data for idol stars’ [...]

look what i have for u guys! ‘hahaha dae sung,what are you doing with sun ye?’ you forget about ye eun (…) just find this pic so cute, ye eun don’t be jealous. fyi,this is took from kbs gayo2008. Dae-Eun Couple :D i guess most people is starting to love this couple, they are so dorky! So how you feel of this pic? do comment.

WARNING: If you’re eating now, please don’t attempt to watch the video. Oh Bang & Wonder Oops – Lies + So Hot Parody @ M B C Star Dance Battle 090125 this performance really crack me up.. wonder oops, it was so hilarious. credit: www.yeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-impact)+video’s owner.

Wonder Girls & Kim YunA, CFs Featuring Entertainer Models Will Not Be Seen Starting February By Park SaeYon @ Newsen (psyon@newsen.com) School uniform commercials featuring entertainers will no longer be seen on television for the time being.

SeungRi’s Remark on the Wonder Girls Becomes the Subject of Conversation, “I’ve become close friends with the Wonder Girls~” By Kwon MinYoung @ Review Star SeungRi’s remark concerning the Wonder Girls has become a subject of conversation among netizens.