Hi All~ I have updated 3 sites that you can order Wonder Girls’ album from. 1. Synnara      &       2. Kpopmart (FREE POSTER!)      &       3. YESASIA Scroll down for more info. Please Show Wonder Girls Your Support by Pre-ordering their new album, REBOOT. Pre-Order their album now! You get to enjoy 15% discount at 14,900 won per album! Original price is [...]

Wonder Girls are coming back as Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim as 4 members in August. One of the biggest change is they are coming back as a band not a dance group. Yeeun plays keyboard, Sunmi plays bass, Yubin plays drum and Hyelim on the guitar. JYP entertainment officially said that “Wonder Girls decided to comeback as 4 members of band in August” on 25th. Xportsnews also asked them [...]

As the Wonder Girls comeback as a band, the members are also reportedly working on writing their own songs. On the 25th, according to sources familiar with the music industry, the members of the Wonder Girls are currently working on a new album. In particular, they are secretively producing the titles composed or written by their own members. As Wonder Girls officially announce that they will come back as a [...]

[Exclusive] Today (24th), Wonder Girls has finished their music video shooting…..coming back as 4 members group On 24th, an official of the music industry reported on Star News that Wonder Girls are making their comeback with a group of 4 members consisting of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyelim. It was reported that the Wonder Girls have finished their music videoshoot today somewhere near Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. Previously, on the 23rd [...]

Park Jinyoung talks about Wonder Girls’ come back : “Transition from an idol to an artist should be first” Recently there’s Wonder Girls comeback rumors again. There were more specific plans that Sunmi will be rejoining and they’re having the music video schedule soon. Regarding this rumor, JYP Entertainment gives only basic answers like “There’s nothing decided, and we are under discussion.” But Wonder Girls are definitely preparing for come [...]

YEAY! Christmas is the season to be jolly~~~ fa la la la la, la la la la! Queen Yenny updated her instagram with photos of the food that Sunmi, Sohee, Yubin, Lim and her prepared for their mini-party! ha:tfelt: “윱빠에야 림비스코티 옌피장” [Translation] YeEun: “Yub Paella, Lim Biscotti, Yen Pizza” ha:tfelt: “미미 궁떡” [Translation] YeEun: “Mimi goong ddeok” ha:tfelt: “산타케익 구입 쏘” [Translation] YeEun: “Santa cake Sso bought” (Sso refers to [...]

Wonder Girls’ chef Yenny and Lim impressed their fans with talented cooking On July 28th, Yenny tweeted, “Oops sorry. Lim and I are having a housewarming party. Guacamole, apple pizza by Yen. Tomato pasta, tuna salad, and banana bread that’s not in the picture by Lim” and shared a picture of the table full of delicious dishes they made. The girls flaunted their cooking skills with the lay out of their creations. Yenny [...]

Wonder Girls are ambassadors for 2013 Pyeongchang Special Winter Olympics. YeLim represented Wonder Girls and attended the event Here are the photos shared by YeEun on twitter~  @WGyenny: 2013 평창 동계 스페셜 올림픽!! 림이랑 즐거운 추억 만들고 갑니다 ^ㅇ^ [Translations] Yenny: “2013 Pyeongchang Special Winter Olympics!! Going with Lim and creating happy memories ^ㅇ^” Credit: WGyenny’s twitter + YeEun-Impact for translations