Looks like Queen Yenny paid a visit to the Museum of Modern Art Banksy is a pseudonymous United Kingdom-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. She updated her instagram with works done by him. hatfelt: “In love with #BANKSY #MoMA” hatfelt: “It’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission #BANKSY” [Credit: hatfelt's instagram]

Woooooo!! Lucky fan~~~ Our Queen Yenny is so PRETTY!!! Love her hair color.. Love her fashion style… LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! hehehe ^^ Those in Texas, please do go support YeEun on Friday (11 July)! [Credit: al_xoxo0825 IG]

Yiipppeeee!! Seems like YeEun was only in Newport for a day ^^ She is now back in New York studio busy working on mixing music She’s been working so hard! Realllyyyy can’t wait for the good news!! hatfelt: “get down to BUSY-ness #mix #MIX #믝쓰”" [Credit: hatfelt's instagram]

Queen Yenny is keeping us busy with her Instagram updates!  She continues to share pictures and videos whilst in NY with Yubin.  Seems like they may have a little project in house?  Let’s continue to keep an eye out for more updates~ hatfelt: “운동은 무슨 #셀카 #센트럴팍 #드러누움” [Translation] hatfelt: “What type of exercise #selca #centralpark #lyingdown” hatfelt: “이러고있다 #옌윱 #씐남 #쎈트럴팕” [Translation] hatfelt: “Acting like this #YenYub #씐남 #centralpark” [...]

Yeay! YeEun updated her instagram with more photos! Looks like YeBin are enjoying themselves in New York! hatfelt: “투어리스트 모드 #예빈 #러브” [Translations] hatfelt: “Tourist Mode #YeBin #Love” hatfelt: “먹고 또먹고 또먹는다 #soho” [Translation] hatfelt: “eating, more eating, and more eating #soho” Credit: hatfelt’s instagram + YeEun-Impact.net for translations

Queen Yenny updated her instagram and it looks like she is in New York now? Wooooooo~ really excited to know what good news she has for WonderFuls! ^^ BUT! Look how skinny our Queenie is TT TT TT All bonesssss….. Please eat well YeEun! hatfelt: “Hello?” [Credit: hatfelt's instagram]

On March 28, Queenie left a message on DCWG (one of Wonder Girls’ fan sites) and revealed she is currently working hard in New York. Wonder when she’ll let us in on the “work” she’s mentioned? Hope it’s in the very near future! Hwaiting, Queenie! 원갤러들 안녀엉~? 이긍 심시매서 글써봐여 전 지굼 뉴욕임니당 열작 중이에여 다들 !! 보고싶슴당 그럼 또봐여 !! [Translation] WonGallers Hello *ung~? (*ung is a sound) I’m [...]