> You’ve always been daring? Me? > When you suggested completely taking off your lingerie while filming… Oh, that was because I agreed it would look much better if I took my lingerie off. I’ve always been a very daring person. I even took topless photos when I was working on solo activities as HA:TFELT. I think I’ve become more daring since going to the US. > Do you like [...]

“Please take out with full credits to Yeeun-Impact.net” Wonder Girls, after 3 years, are as bright as they were. More passionate than new debuting girl groups, Wonder Girls “REBOOT” with musical instruments in their hands, singing and dancing. Wonder Girls once told in an interview that they ran away from practice. Every time they got exhausted, the one who consoled the girls was Yeeun. She also cried with them. As a [...]

Hi All~ I have updated 3 sites that you can order Wonder Girls’ album from. 1. Synnara      &       2. Kpopmart (FREE POSTER!)      &       3. YESASIA Scroll down for more info. Please Show Wonder Girls Your Support by Pre-ordering their new album, REBOOT. Pre-Order their album now! You get to enjoy 15% discount at 14,900 won per album! Original price is [...]

Wonder Girls are coming back as Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim as 4 members in August. One of the biggest change is they are coming back as a band not a dance group. Yeeun plays keyboard, Sunmi plays bass, Yubin plays drum and Hyelim on the guitar. JYP entertainment officially said that “Wonder Girls decided to comeback as 4 members of band in August” on 25th. Xportsnews also asked them [...]

As the Wonder Girls comeback as a band, the members are also reportedly working on writing their own songs. On the 25th, according to sources familiar with the music industry, the members of the Wonder Girls are currently working on a new album. In particular, they are secretively producing the titles composed or written by their own members. As Wonder Girls officially announce that they will come back as a [...]

Queen Yenny was so beautiful in the first episode of SBS <KPOP Star>! Love her SMILE so much! Here are some caps, GIFs and the video cut of YeEun in KPOP Star Season 4 Ep 1 [Credit: YeEun-Impact.net]

HA:TFELT will be starting to promote on music shows this week and this little guide will show International Wonderfuls can help HA:TFELT win on music shows by casting our votes! Music Show Criteria M! Countdown 50% Digital Single sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc) 10% Album Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks, etc) 10% Social Media Score (Youtube + Twitter) 10% Rating (Fan voting + Age Preference) 10% Broadcast Score 10% Live [...]

July 30, 2014 PM 09:00  HA:TFELT’s 1st Exhibition ‘Me?’ – special session w/ Ha:tfelt (Yeeun) PM 11:00  Mnet ‘SINGER GAME’ July 31, 2014 AM 12:00   HA:TFELT – ME? Album Release + ‘Ain’t Nobody’ Full MV Release PM 06:00   Mnet ‘M-Countdown’ First Solo Stage August 1, 2014 PM 06:30   KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ August 2, 2014 PM 03:50   MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ August 3, 2014 PM 03:10   SBS ‘Inkigayo’ **Please be reminded [...]