One crop, wooo,peripera have 1 new image for us! it’s new summer look! only 1 new image available for us to download. 2 size : 1280×1024 & 1024×768

there’s some updates on peripera site, 1 pic update only, i guess is in the site for some days,

I always love peripera pictures, everyone looks so lovely anw, here it is !


^_^ nice batch of pics, i like ye eun’s smoky eyes

got it from peripera site, credit: as tagged+peripera site.

i had enlarged this pic below, *can use it as wallpaper in your phone* Yosa is so pretty! New pic from peripera site?

i’m sorry not updating last few days, it’s valentine so ya ;you should know pretty busy. anw ye eun is so lovely is this new pic >.< Wonderline Aqua Wonder Sun Cream CREDIT : PERIPERA & YE EUN-IMPACT