Omo~ Our Queen is so hyper! ^^ Glad that they are having so much fun! Universal Studios in Singapore~ [Credit: WonderGirls YT]

Woo~ I spy YEI Gifts to Queen Yenny! ^^ YeEun showing her hotel room in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel ^^ I think she spoke in Chinese at around 1:11 ^^ “Qi Lai Ar! Chi Dao Le!” = “Wake up! It’s running late!” ^^ At around 2:22, you can see our gifts to YeEun ^^

8 fancams.. I wanna

6 fancams.. Queen Yenny on her way to the washroom~ ^^

About 9 people were at the airport.. there were barricades set up too.. 3 of us (YeParkies) planned to go early and wait the whole day but we didn’t expect them to arrive so quickly~ we managed to pass yeeun the gifts shared by SG YeParkies.. those gifts that were earlier posted yesterday ^^ Yeeun looked so small.. She went to the washroom.. and took quite awhile before she came [...]

13 GIFs..   Woo~ So many YeLim moments!  Our Queen is so pretty, cute and funny!    

Don’t you love her voice? ^^ She is soooooo cute!

So many YeLim Moments!