As the Wonder Girls comeback as a band, the members are also reportedly working on writing their own songs. On the 25th, according to sources familiar with the music industry, the members of the Wonder Girls are currently working on a new album. In particular, they are secretively producing the titles composed or written by their own members. As Wonder Girls officially announce that they will come back as a [...]

  Wonder Girls, four member group of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi, Hyelim, finished shooting their music video. The four member group Wonder Girls are making their comeback without Sun-ye. They have finished shooting their music video. Wonder Girls agent reported that on 24th, group of four without Sun-ye will be making their comeback as Wonder Girls. They have finished shooting their music video and was initially planning to make a sneak [...]

[Exclusive] Today (24th), Wonder Girls has finished their music video shooting…..coming back as 4 members group On 24th, an official of the music industry reported on Star News that Wonder Girls are making their comeback with a group of 4 members consisting of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyelim. It was reported that the Wonder Girls have finished their music videoshoot today somewhere near Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. Previously, on the 23rd [...]

If That Was You – Sunmi Composers: ha:tfelt (a.k.a Yenny Park) and collapsedone (a.k.a Lee Woo Min) It could have been, though I don’t know if you believe it If that was you, if that was you Even if I lost everything, even if I lost my dreams and future, it could’ve been okay If that was for you, if that was for you Even if the only thing I [...]

Queen Yenny is indeed thinking about dearest Sunmi even when she’s thousands of miles away in Botswana. She also sings a little verse of Sunmi’s comeback title track “Full Moon”~ WGyenny: 보츠와나에도 밝은 보름달이 떴어용 실제론진짜큰데 힝 ㅜㅜ 보름달이 뜨는날 그대 날보러와요~♡ #선미 [Translation] In Botswana there’s also a bright full moon rising it is actually bigger in reality  *hing T.T Come see me when the full moon rises~ ♡ #sunmi *hing is [...]

Queen Yenny continues to share updates in Botswana through her Instagram.  She recently snaps a picture of a pretty deer. As we all know Sunmi has always been referred to as a “deer” in the past. Wonder if this “pretty deer” reminded Yenny of her “Deer Sunmi”? kekekeke ^.^ hatfelt: “Hello pretty!” [Credit: hatfelt's Instagram]  

Queen Yenny recently tweeted a little about Sunmi’s “Full Moon” comeback album CD’s hidden track “If That Were You – featuring Yeeun” in which our Queen take on composing and arranging the song.  We are all anticipating EUNSUN collaboration!!! [Translation] Phew! May I do a little marketing?? Sunmi’s first album!! Full Moon track#6 “If That Were You” please give lots of love!! keke Let’s enjoy Sunmi’s powerful strength! Will feel [...]

Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun recently let it be known that she was a top student and ranked 8th out of her entire school. On February 13, Ye Eun gave an interview with  SBS‘s “Night of TV Entertainment” where she revealed “Although I didn’t rank 1st, I came in 8th when it came to my studies.” When asked what Ye Eun might have pursued instead if she hadn’t chosen to become a singer [...]