Wonder Girls, four member group of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi, Hyelim, finished shooting their music video. The four member group Wonder Girls are making their comeback without Sun-ye. They have finished shooting their music video. Wonder Girls agent reported that on 24th, group of four without Sun-ye will be making their comeback as Wonder Girls. They have finished shooting their music video and was initially planning to make a sneak [...]

2-Ye Queen Yenny called Sunye a babo kekeke ^^ Tweet translation: Yenny: “Happy birthday!!!! <3333 Eat plenty of delicious food!!!! To the babo celebrating her birthday ㅠㅠ I love you!!!!” And Sunye replied with thank you thank you and that she misses them~ [Credit: WGyenny's twitter and sunlights ww for translation]

Here are the translations for the recent Samsung Display Interview. ^.^ Apologies for any inaccuracy of our translations; we’ve done the best we could~ ^.^ Original source: Samsung Display Interview [Credit: yeeun-impact.net]

Wonder Girls’ manager, Jane, shared more photos on her personal twitter. 3 days ago, she tweeted 2 photos that she felt that must be shared with others. Wonder Girls’ 2YE showed their love for each other in the following photos that were taken when they were in Greece.

really sorry for the lack of updates & late updates.. JYPE Teamed Up With Monster! The Wonder Girls were in Las Vegas performing with Earth Wind & Fire at the 2011 CES Monster Retailer Awards and Concert! Here is a video of Yenny and Sun enjoying “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire [Credit: einstein_mcp twitter]

6th song:  Tell Me

Taken from WonderFulsWorld By now I’m sure most Wonderfuls have heard the sad news that Sun Ye’s father has passed away. Sun Ye loves her family and I’m sure she is very upset with the news. Now she is in Korea with her family, but we want to show our support as her ‘fan family’ as well. Letters of Condolence to Leader Min