HA:TFELT will be starting to promote on music shows this week and this little guide will show International Wonderfuls can help HA:TFELT win on music shows by casting our votes! Music Show Criteria M! Countdown 50% Digital Single sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc) 10% Album Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks, etc) 10% Social Media Score (Youtube + Twitter) 10% Rating (Fan voting + Age Preference) 10% Broadcast Score 10% Live [...]

Queen Yenny is keeping us busy with her Instagram updates!  She continues to share pictures and videos whilst in NY with Yubin.  Seems like they may have a little project in house?  Let’s continue to keep an eye out for more updates~ hatfelt: “운동은 무슨 #셀카 #센트럴팍 #드러누움” [Translation] hatfelt: “What type of exercise #selca #centralpark #lyingdown” hatfelt: “이러고있다 #옌윱 #씐남 #쎈트럴팕” [Translation] hatfelt: “Acting like this #YenYub #씐남 #centralpark” [...]

It’s nice to see Hyuna having a meal with Queen Yenny Credit: hyuna’s instagram

Here are the translations for her August diary entry~ Queen Yenny mentioned quite a number of things in this entry… She talked about her songs, collaborations, drama, performances, new workroom, radio and that Hyerim, Yubin and her are currently living together under one roof! Sorry for any mis-translations T.T We did the very best we could~ [Credit: yeeun-impact.net]

Yenny mentioned wanting to date and the reaction of her fans to her mentions of a dating life on broadcast, bringing nods from the other celebrity guests who could totally relate.  On the 31st’s episode of SBS‘ ‘Thank You‘, hearing Lee Hyori talk about her relationship with her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, Yenny remarked, “I want to date.” She was asked if she’d ever dated anyone after she’d debuted as Wonder Girls, and Yenny replied, “I have, but he wasn’t a [...]

Here’s the translations of Yenny’s favorite items that was discussed in Samsung’s Display Interview~ Balloon flower roots are herbs that are used in Chinese medicine and snake gourds are vegetables/plants that are usually found in Asia. Apologies for any inaccuracy of our translations; we’ve done the best we could~ ^.^ Original Source: Samsung Display Interview [Credit: yeeun-impact.net]

Queen Yenny along with miss A’s Jia, 2AM’s ChangMin and JoKown teamed up with Akdong Musician and showcased their own version of “I Don’t Need a Man” on K-pop Star 2′s semi-finale episode aired March 31, 2013.  Check out the video below! Vid cr: PikeYenny

  Idol group members starring in musical is a hot trend nowadays. Wonder Girls Yeeun (Yenny) who has started her personal activities recently is starring alongside other heavyweight names in Kpop with Super Junior Kyuhyun, SNSD Jessica and Sunny, SHINEe Key, 2AM Changmin, ZE:A DongJun, and A-Pink Jung Eun Ji. With such a powerhouse cast, it definitely gives a lot of pressure to do their best performance in the musical. [...]