Queen Yenny’s Fun Q&A Party 21 August 2015 Ha:tfelt: 시작! #원더걸스 #wondergirls #IFeelYou @wgyenny 로 질문을 보내주세요! Translation: Start! Please send your questions in! ————————————————— Question 1: You will come to Thailand? Thai WDF miss you very much <3 ,Please come to Thailand Ha:tfelt: of course,we will!!! ————————————————— Question 2: 오늘 저녁 뭐 먹었어요? (Trans:  What did you eat for dinner today? ) Ha:tfelt: 김치찌개요! (Trans: Kimchi stew!) ————————————————— Question 3: 다른 멤버 담당 도전하고 [...]

Queen Yenny showed her appreciation to Wonderfuls~ On 10 Feb, Wonder Girls’ 6th Anniversary, YeEun tweeted:

Wonder Girls went to Thailand to attend “Mnet Ultimate Live Concert” together with 2PM, 4Minute and Beast. They had a press conference on Friday and received gifts from their fans! And Queen Yenny tweeted to thank her fans for all the gifts and letters! thanks for all gifts and letters? 

oh.. Our Queen had her wisdom tooth extracted.. that hurts a lot! T.T I hope she will be well enough for the concert.. T.T

Heh.. the close up part of individual member not so much compared to music bank.. So the HQ cap not able to do a lot >< I do not like yenny with too much make up..

anneong! i’m back! I din’t know what to post actually but since i still have some sponsor photos, i shall post it now! 1. Still remember her ‘baby i love’ performance?

wahahahaha! Look at our Queen! What is she holding? FORK and KNIFE! Korean Wonderfuls are soooooo creative

We love you, Yenny! Yenny knows you all love her, but she loves you more! [Credit: followWG twitpic]