Queen Yenny on SBS “Thank You” which was broadcasted on 5/31 Here’s the  video link => Yeeun cut on SBS “Thank You”  credit: PikeYenny  

Credit : as tagged via Wonderfuls cafe

I have decided to seperate the photos according to the songs.. the photos here were taken when they’re singing ’2dt’ 1st SONG: 2 DIFFERENT TEARS

So cool ya? YAY! Ye Eun-Impact! [Credit: yeeun-impact.net]

Dried Mangoes for YeEun and Wonder Girls

All the handwritten messages are compiled into a photobook and sent to our Queen! Thank you once again to all the YeParkies that made this possible

Thank you to all YeParkies who participated in this.. I appreciate your help sooooo much.. Let’s carry on working together to produce more wonderful stuff for our Queen! I love you guys so much! Video

Beautiful aren’t they? Those who ordered the shirt for the 1st batch orders will get the keychains! It is our way of thanking you guys for contributing to our Queen’s X’mas gifts Thank you aerionel for making it! YEI JJANG! [Credit: llborderline at yeeun-impact.net for pic and aerionel for making it]