Park Jinyoung talks about Wonder Girls’ come back : “Transition from an idol to an artist should be first”

Recently there’s Wonder Girls comeback rumors again. There were more specific plans that Sunmi will be rejoining and they’re having the music video schedule soon.

Regarding this rumor, JYP Entertainment gives only basic answers like “There’s nothing decided, and we are under discussion.” But Wonder Girls are definitely preparing for come back there were some composers who discussed Wonder Girls come back for the last few months.

It was a schedule that is possible for comeback right after 2PM and Got7, if the songs were ready.

However, the basic problem should be solved first. That is, whether Wonder Girls are ready to comeback Wonder Girls took time for the last year 3 years. Especially, Sunye had a marriage and gave birth. Except for Yeeun and Sunmi who is being discussed about rejoining, all the other members were off stage. Also, whether Wonder Girls image as a girl group would be effective should also be considered.

Not the ordinary ‘make over or change’, but the complete overhaul would have more possibilities to secure competitiveness. JYP’S head director Park Jinyoung also showed some hints regarding Wonder Girls comeback.

On an interview with daily sports media, Park Jinyoung said “Wonder Girls needs a transition from an idol to an artist, and from popular to acknowledged singer. That should be the most important problem to be the first solved, otherwise there is no way to extend the tram just on a normal way.”

He also said “I don’t want to merely extend the team’s lifespan.”

One thing’s for sure, the members are no ordinary kids. Smart. It’s alright to have expectations of them. There will be no performances that features a song and choreography without any transition. They were introduced as “the first footsteps on a new road”.

If we consider what Park Jin Young has said, the Wonder Girls is clearly making a comeback with a ‘brand new Wonder Girls’ image’.


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Original source: Daum Daily Source Media

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