Wonder Girls are coming back as Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim as 4 members in August. One of the biggest change is they are coming back as a band not a dance group. Yeeun plays keyboard, Sunmi plays bass, Yubin plays drum and Hyelim on the guitar.

JYP entertainment officially said that “Wonder Girls decided to comeback as 4 members of band in August” on 25th. Xportsnews also asked them about things that many people would want to know.

This is the interview content of JYP Entertainment officials about Wonder Girls’ comeback.

1. When is the exact time ?

Since July is accurate. I thought that they would return in August. It is not likely to return in September, October.

2. They are the fours. Do you think Sunye and Sohee  will participate to the group?

Now there are four members in Wonder Girls. They’re Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim. Sunye and Sohee did not withdraw from the group. Well, this is the longer term question. Nothing has been discussed on those two joining the team. And for Sohee’s case, she is now in a different agency. There are some things to be discussed with the current agency (BH entertainment).

3. When was the MV shoot?

They shot the MV for two days 23rd, 24th. the shooting continued until 25th early morning.

4. Comeback as a band?

Yes. Wonder Girls are making their comeback as a band. YE is on keyboards, SM on the bass, YB on the drums and HR will play the guitar. These members have been playing instruments. They also have practiced a lot. They all play very ‘well’. You will understand once the teaser comes out.

5. Everyone must be excited to see the long waited comeback performance!

Everyone was happy and excited during the Wonder Girls’ MV shooting.

6. The type of the album?

It’s going to be like a mini-album but the numbers of songs will be more than a regular mini -album but less than a regular one. It is not a digital single.

7. What is the concept of the Wonder girls comeback as a band?

I can not say at the moment but expect it to be good.

Translated by: YeEun-Impact.net

Original source: Xportnews

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