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Wonder Girls, after 3 years, are as bright as they were. More passionate than new debuting girl groups, Wonder Girls
“REBOOT” with musical instruments in their hands, singing and dancing. Wonder Girls once told in an interview that they ran away from practice. Every time they got exhausted, the one who consoled the girls was Yeeun. She also cried with them. As a big sister and a comforting pillar it must have been hard for her too. This is the story about Yeeun who expresses the words she wants to say sometimes sexily, sometimes emotionally. Fashion magazine, The Star met with her.

> An album after a long interval. It reminds you of old memories again, right?

It is the album prepared for the longest time.  It feels like we are leaving a trace?


> Still have this feeling? You’ve already debuted 10 years?

Well I feel like we made an in-depth album. We started to be proud about our album since 2011 with the song ‘Be My Baby’, as the reaction to our songs were good. Ever since then I started composing songs on my own. This album means a lot to me because we composed all the songs – gives the footprints we are leaving a deeper impression.


> Even if there’s a Park Jin Young PD-nim, does each of your opinions matter?

The company respects their artists.  We would never sing any songs that we dislike.  As soon as we heard the song ‘I Feel You’ we really liked it and said let’s work on it. Maybe you don’t know but when Park Jin Young PD-nim gives us title songs we may dismiss it about 3 times. (laughing)


> Very unexpected!

Furthermore, if we failed with Park Jin Young PD-nim’s song we would blame him. We could find other composers or producers.  But we always win the first place with PD-nim’s songs. So it seems like the Wonder Girls and Park Jin Young PD-nim is a more blessed combination. There were 2~3 more songs that PD-nim gave us before the song ‘Be My Baby’ and we dismissed all of them. Then these songs vanished.

> Then can other teams/groups get the song?

No, it just disappears. As you see on Infinity Challenge, the PD write songs in just 2~3 hours. If the reaction of the public is not good, he just discards the song.


> What is the most important element for Yeeun when you compose a song for Wonder Girls.

To be public. This time the songs are to reenact 1980~early 1990 and I tried to make the songs easily accepted & listened to by the public.


> What about the lyrics?

I usually write lyrics in English.  Since I like American and British music, I feel there are a lot of melodies that fits well with English lyrics. Therefore during compositions, I work hard to change English lyrics to Korean.


> Which lines would be your favorite?

From track 1 ‘Baby Don’t Play’ I like the first line. “You seem anxious. I can’t figure you out. You seem dangerous. Even your sharp eyes. It’s like you see right through my heart.” is about describing a person and I like it because I can draw a picture in my head when I listen to it.


> Are there a lot of differences between making a solo album compared to a Wonder Girls album?

When I was making my album, 90% of the time I will need to make decisions. Album cover, costume and music even all of 7 songs were my songs so it was really difficult/tiring. But this time there are 4 of us to discuss opinions together.  Hence with great results.  If someone thinks there’s something missing, she will point it out.


> Did your solo album have any affect on this album?

I was immature back then. I always thought that it’s important to portray myself through my songs. However, the solo album wasn’t well accepted by the public. For the Wonder Girls, everything will need to be spot on. Wonder Girls is a popular group which exists for the public. The value of the Wonder Girls means that people should be able to sing along, share and enjoy our music.


> When can we meet the next “HA:TFELT” album?

Nothing is confirmed yet. If there is another album, I would like to talk about my stories.  There was a good song ‘Iron Girl’ on my solo album last year, and it was entirely about me. The reaction of that song was amazing. Many people say that this song cheers them up. At that time I was trying to overcome obstacles in my life, but it turns out that this experience of mine can also give a positive effect to others.

> What is composer Yeeun like?

My songs have various genre. Some people say that’s my weakness. There’s a song ‘Bond’ that I wrote. Lyrics are direct, raw and fairly. Then there’s another song called ‘Peter Pan’. It has a girl’s sensitivity. They are two totally different songs with different sensitivities.  But as a singer I should only have one image. Some people think that having various images means there’s no color of his/her own.


> If sexiness becomes inattentive, it may harm the images of girl groups. So Yeeun, do you think that kind of image would be considered a genre of music?

I dislike to put things as one rule. There shouldn’t be rules as to what we should do as a girl group. I just want to compose songs with emotions that I’d like to portray. When I was making the song ‘Bond’, I wanted to make it so that women feels the sexiness when they listen to it. Lyrics are about women having sexy imaginations after watching  007 James Bond. So it’s not erotic or indecent, it’s cool. In some way, being cheerful is the image by men’s point of view; hence, women should be extra careful about this.


> You are out-going, maybe you are affected by working in America.

It’s my personality and America also had an affect on me. In America, people don’t care if they are fat. They don’t care how others think of them. But Korean women usually don’t wear sleeveless t-shirts because it reveals their forearms. I want to break that way of thinking.


> Do you feel that the Wonder Girls really failed in America?

Lots of people say that, so it might be. But we enjoyed it because we were moving forward. We were the promoter of Korea. While touring 50 states in the U.S.A we basically brought down the wall by hitting it with a pebble repeatedly. There are so many Korean musicians now going to the American market. We feel that we paved the stepping stones for them.


> You must have been under a lot of pressure as a member staying in the group from the beginning.

I’ve found some comfort once I began thinking for the others around me. Wonder Girls wasn’t just the four members. The fan clubs, the staff that has been with us, the choreography team, Park Jin Young PD-nim, and other members of our company are all Wonder Girls. At one time, there have been words, “Wonder Girls is dead. Wonder Girls is over.” and they must have felt the same disappointment as we did. We thought we need to go on and persevere for them.


> Do you feel settled now?

The public says we remind them of the old times. It’s been nine years since we debuted. The fans who liked us at that time, they were in elementary school and now they are in university. Some of them got married. But for them, we are their moments of memory.


> What type of girl group would the Wonder Girls like to become?

There’s no girl group title for Wonder Girls. Not the girl group Wonder Girls but simply Wonder Girls.


Please take out with full credits to Yeeun-Impact.net

Translations by Yeeun-Impact.net

Original source + Photo credits : The Star

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  1. Ang3l0v3sn0w says:

    This is such a honest interview by Queen Yenny.. TT TT TT
    I am so touched by her honesty.
    It was done so beautifully.

    She always think about others before herself.
    She loves her fans, her members, everyone around her so much.

    How much tears have you been shedding TT TT

    I really love the music you make.. the lyrics to each song..
    the melody.. the stories behind them..

    Queen Yenny, thank you so much for all that you have done.
    We are so grateful and honoured to be your fan. We see your effort, tears, hard-work, etc.
    Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for being so strong. Thank you for being YOU.

    You are simply Ha:tfelt, Park YeEun.

  2. cookievr6 says:

    Superb interview – all done with so much honesty.

    Love the fact that she continues to stay true to herself.

    Please continue to make songs that portrays who you are and how you feel. Thank you for sharing your stories with us through your compositions – it brings us a little closer to you each time you release a song.


  3. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for this translation.While reading this and then suddenly ‘this moment’ was playing,my tears just cant stop. The strong bond between them can be seen clearly in this interview.

    Thanks!!!! :)

  4. MallyJung says:

    I smile while reading this interview and thinking ah~~ This is truly Park Yeeun!
    What can I say more? It’s great interview and great translation! :D
    thank you so much.

  5. YeEunFan#1,00,000 says:

    Such a great article to read! I enjoyed every bit, thanks for the translation.

    Ye Eun it has been so amazing to see how far you’ve come as an artist, individual and musician. NOT for one second do I believe Wonder Girls failed in America. Failure cannot be measured, you 5 ambitious individuals truly continued the steps for a culture that is rarely visible in American Media. As for your album, it was amazing! Every song write finds a way to convey their view and perspective of the world, I think you did a really great job of that. Thanks for being an awesome role model!

  6. OMJ says:

    “Turned out the solo project lacked a popular appeal, so it wasn’t everyone’s favorite.”
    Which is a pity coz “Me” was a piece of art!

  7. Joao says:

    she is very honest! she is a role model!

  8. Isabel says:

    She’s my everything! <3 I really love you queen! You really make me fight for my dreams and no matter how hard it is I promise to never give up like you and the girls <3 I'm so proud to be your fan and I'm so proud of the hard work you put in everything you do.

    Wonderfuls & Wonder Girls always together <3

  9. wansolito says:

    Shes so genuine,honest,intelligent ,u can see the maturity in her the way she answers..shes not just an idol or a singer shes an artist ,her passion in music is undeniable . .. And shes getting prettier everyday,,,i love that shes not afraid to take risk to try out new things ..i love her

  10. kadija says:

    I love this interview, It just pulls in so much information about where she finds her inspiration, how she uses that to create her art of music. her passion is over flowing and always effortlessly shown beautifully. As a person, she captivates me all the time, and her good nature and her keen soul makes me want to keep striving for the best. She’s the opposite of me and yet I want to be exactly like her personality. <3 thanks yenny!
    Thanks for the translation YEI <3

  11. jtv612 says:

    I love this interview. It makes me a bit sad because I think the reception of her solo album made her a bit insecure. I thought it was incredible as did many others. But she is so honest about her emotions, this is why I love Yeeun!

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